Old Missoula

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Butte / Anaconda / ACM / Copper Kings
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21   Link   Marcus Daly Obituary - N.Y. Times - 11/13/1900
22   Link   The Orange and the Green in Montana: A Reconsideration of the Clark-Daly Feud - David Emmons
From: Montana Legacy: Essays on History, People,& Place (2002)- edited by Harry Fritz, Mary Murphy, and Robert R. Swarthout Jr.
See p 79
23   Link   As I Remember Them (1913). Goodwin, C. C.
"Marcus Daly graduated from the Comstock, took a post graduate course in Utah, then went to Butte, Montana, to win his degrees."
24   Link   United States of America v. Bitter Root Development Company (a Corporation), Anaconda Mining Company (a Corporation), Anaconda Copper Company (a Corporation), Anaconda Copper Mining Company (a Corporation), Margaret P. Daly, Margaret P. Daly as Exe
25   Link   Past Imperfect: The Copper King's Precipitous Fall - Smithsonianmag.com blog - Sept. 20, 2012
26   Link   Butte - A World Class Ore Deposit (2006). Czehura, Steve J.
27   Link   A Half Century as Mining and Exploration Geologist with the Anaconda Company (1990). Perry, Vincent D.
28   Link   I, Mary MacLane: a diary of human days (1917). MacLane, Mary
Perhaps Butte's most famous author.
29   Link   The Story of Willie Complain (1902). Shores, Robert James
Satire of the above
30   Link   Wide Open Town (1931). Brinig, Myron
A talented Butte writer with the story set in the mile high city.
31   Link   Lines of Copper, Tears of Glass: The Birth, Growth and Death of the Montana Power Company (2008), Johnson, Francis Joseph
32   Link   Market Power and Regulatory Failures in the Montana Wholesale Electricity Market (2012). Keogh, Ross Patrick
Masters Thesis - University of Montana
33   Link   Sketches of Butte (From Vigilante Days to Prohibition) (1921). Davis, George Wesley
34   Link   Beautiful Columbia Gardens (1900). Butte Electric Railway Co.
35   Link   The Columbia Gardens Amusement Park: Company Sponsored Community in Butte, Montana (2011). Carl, Matthew Ronald
Masters Thesis - The University of Montana
36   Link   The Great Dynamite Explosions at Butte, Montana, Jan. 15, 1895 (1895). Davies, John F.
37   Link   Worker Correspondents: What, Where, When, Why, How? (1925). Dunne, William F.
"The tract's author, William F. "Bill" Dunne, himself had an extensive track record in labor journalism as long-time editor of the "Butte [Montana] Bulletin."
38   Link   The Struggle Against Opportunism in the Labor Movement: For a Socialist United States (1947). Dunne, William F.
"The panic of 1907 forced him to give up his university studies and he learned the trade of electrician on the Northern Pacific Railroad, beginning at Paradise, Montana..."
39   Link   The Bureau of Investigation and its Critics, 1919-1921: The Origins of Federal Political Surveillance by David Williams - The Journal of American History - Dec., 1981
"By January 1920 official terrorism was part of everyday life in Butte."
40   Link   Authorizing the President to take over Metalliferous Mines: Hearings before the Commitee on Mines and Mining of the House of Representatives - Sept. 18, 1917
"Miss Rankin: The strike began when a disaster occurred in the mines on the 8th of June when 164 men were killed."
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