Old Missoula

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University of Montana History
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61   Link   Walter Van Tilburg Clark
62   Link   Walter [Van Tilburg] Clark's Frontier by Wallace Stegner
"His theme was civilization, and he recorded indelibly, its first steps in a new country."
63   Link   Walter Van Tilburg Clark - The Oxbow Man (2004). Benson, Jackson J.
Chapter 13 - The Move to Montana
64   Link   1st Black Graduate - U of M - James Dorsey - Missoula Native - Griz Lineman - Milwaukee Leader - Naseby Rhinehart mentor
65   Link   Medicine in the Making of Montana (1962), Phillips, Paul C. - (free online book)
Phillips chaired the History dept @ U of M & had a 40 yr. career there. Intro by Leonard W. Brewer, MD - Brewer practiced in Missoula for decades & helped found new Community Hospital. A Harvard Med grad, he attended U of M in the 1920's & pitched for U of M baseball team. 'Wild Bill' Kelly was his catcher.
66   Link   William M. Allen - Boeing Company president 1945 - 1968
Born in Lolo, Mt. "He attended the University of Montana where, by his own admission he "spent a lot of time sitting around sorority houses" (Rodgers, 75). He received a law degree from Harvard Law School in 1925 and found a job as a staff lawyer for the firm of Donworth, Todd, and Higgins in Seattle."
67   Link   Once Upon a Time in the West: Citizens United, Caperton, and the War of the Copper Kings by Larry Howell - Montana Law Review, Vol. 73, 2012.
Howell, Larry, Once Upon a Time in the West: Citizens United, Caperton, and the War of the Copper Kings. Montana Law Review, Vol. 73, 2012. Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=1966249
68   Link   The University of Montana - Annual Register 1906 - 1915
Sequential registers from 1906 - 1915
69   Link   Vachel Lindsay with Sidney Cox & Alexander Dean @ U of M (Pg. 90)
For Photo of Alexander Dean, Vachel Lindsay, and Sidney Cox see p 90 - 1922 Sentinel
70   Link   The University of Montana - Annual Register 1916 - 1929
Annual Register 1916 - 1929
71   Link   The Selish, A Pageant-Masque (1919). Written by students at the University of Montana
This pageant-masque, "The Selish," is offered to the people of Montana, in no sense as a finished art form. Expression, it is, crude and unfinished, of some of the historic richness of this state and particularly of this vicintiy.
72   Link   A Biological Reconnoissance in the Vicinity of Flathead Lake (1902), Elrod, Morton J.
73   Link   Seventh Biennial Report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (1902). State of Montana
President Oscar J. Craig Ph.D. - "The University of Montana had its origin in a grant of 72 sections of land, made by the federal government to the State of Montana for university purposes."
74   Link   Forest Distribution in the Northern Rockies (1922). Kirkwood, J. E.
75   Link   Why Go To College - Bulletin of the University of Montana (1912). Reynolds, G. F.
Short essays by numerous Montanans.
76   Link   The Montana Professor - website
77   Link   Role and Scope of the Montana University System (1979). Board of Regents - Montana University System
78   Link   Beta Phi - University of Montana
"Beta Phi founded March 20, 1909 with 17 charter members."
79   Link   Professor William M. Aber - The Intermountain Educator - Sept. 1919
(see page 72)
80   Link   The University of Montana - Missoula: A Campus with an Ecosystem (2012). Tabor, Gary M., McKinney, Matthew and Brown, Perry
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