Old Missoula

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Missoula Montana History and Missoula County Hist.
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141   Link   National Archives - Archival Research Catalog - Historical Documents Online
142   Link   Mountain of Pain - article by Sherry Devlin - Missoulian - 2002
How a prominent peak got its name changed.
"Ch-paa-qn, pronounced "ch-paquin..."
143   Link   Norman Maclean Learns From the Master
"In the early part of this century, the card-and-billiard emporium was “the home away from home,” and home was only where we ate and slept."
144   Link   A Novel about gowing up in Missoula - The Bitter Roots (1941). Macleod, Norman W. (11/30/13)
Written 35 years before 'A River Runs Through It' - This preacher's first son dies a WW I casualty. 'The Bitter Roots' is perhaps Msla's 1st. autobiographical novel. Norman Macleod returned to Missoula to write this book after the untimely deaths of 2 prominent MCHS classmates & friends - Paul Maclean and U of M star 'Wild Bill' William C. Kelly. All three suffered the ravages of alcoholism & writing the book may have saved Macleod's life. According to H.G. Merriam, some characters were clearly recognizable. The (deliberate?) drowning of a Msla youngster did occur (1917), upsetting the whole community. It resulted in Msla's 1st. public swimming pool. For what's likely another view of Kelly see "Logging . . . and 'Your Pal, Jim'", by Norman Maclean.
145   Link   [Missoula's most prolific author] Western Wonder - article by Martin J. Kidston - Helena Independent Record - April 30, 2005
"Joscelyn, gone now for 19 years, could be considered one of Montana's most prolific writers, publishing more than 200 novels under 12 pen names, including Al Cody, Jacqueline Kidd and Lynn Westland."
146   Link   Local Government Modernization (1971). Bellandi, Robert
147   Link   Missoula Valley Project - Bureau of Reclamation
"Located in the rain shadow of the Lolo Mountains which rise to the project lands' west, the Missoula area has a mild and dry climate for such a northern setting."
148   Link   Water Resources Survey Missoula County (1960). Buck, Fred
149   Link   Missoula Irrigation District
150   Link   Seeley Lake History
151   Link   History of Missoula Electric Cooperative
152   Link   The Daily Missoulian - 1909 - 1914
153   Link   Edwards Fruit Grower and Farmer 1900 - 1902
Early Missoula Newspaper
154   Link   Daily Democrat 1900 - 1901
Early Missoula Newspaper
155   Link   The Western Homeseeker
An early Missoula publication designed to promote Missoula and Western Montana to homebuyers.
156   Link   For the Sake of the Creek (1991). Knox, Margaret
157   Link   Report of an Investigation - Missoula County High School - 1958
158   Link   Missoula Timberjacks
159   Link   Trader Jack: Where There's Smoke, There's McKeon, Whether He's Holding His Cigar or Not - article - Los Angeles Times - April 3, 1987
"I was a fat little catcher... I hit three ways: Right, left, and seldom."
160   Link   Interscholastic Track - University of Montana - courtesy of Special Collections - Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library - The University of Montana
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