Old Missoula

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Missoula Montana History and Missoula County Hist.
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121   Link   Missoula's Free Speech Fight - A Centennial Celebration - website
122   Link   Historical Background and Historical Significance of Garnet Ghost Town - from the National Register of Historic Places - 2009 - by Sunday Walker - Kuntz, Jerry Clark, Terri Wolfgram, Maria Craig, and Allan J. Mathews
123   Link   Masculine Domesticity in the Mining West: An Archaeological Investigation of Coloma Ghost Town (2010). Thurlo, Margaret Anne
Masters Thesis - The University of Montana
124   Link   Depression Era Coloma: A World-Systems Study of Mining and Daily Life Experiences in a Reoccupied Montana Ghost Town (2009). Woody, Benjamin B.
Masters Thesis - University of Montana
125   Link   Coloma Ghost Town - Archeological Field School at The University of Montana Department of Anthropology
An Archaeological study of Coloma mining town ruins in the Garnet Range area.
126   Link   Frontier Society - Cedar Creek, Montana 1870-1874 - Robert Housman - The Washington Historical Quarterly - Oct., 1935
127   Link   Comparing Native Oral History and Scientific Research to Produce Historical Evidence of Native Occupation During and After the Missoula Floods (2008). Woodside, Gail J.
"Another problem tribes face is that historians and scientists seem to dismiss oral traditions unless scientifically substantiated facts accompany them..."
128   Link   The Lion and the Emperor: The Mormons, The Hudson's Bay Company, and Vancouver Island, 1846 - 1858 (Winter 2000/2001). Richard Bennett and Arran Jewsbury - BC Studies.
"The Mormons are now getting too rich and extensively supplied in goods and other necessaries at a much cheaper rate than a peddler on a small scale like myself can afford to sell," [Richard Grant] wrote.
129   Link   Notes on Johnny Grant - Eileen Horan
"At Walla Walla, they heard of the discovery of gold in California." Missoula's Grant Creek is named for Richard Grant - Johnny's father.
130   Link   A Short History of Place Names in the Grant Creek Valley; Missoula, Montana (2009). Marbut, Gary
131   Link   A Priest's Patent - Father H. B. Allaeys - 1893
132   Link   From Wilderness to Statehood: A History of Montana 1805 - 1900 (1957). Hamilton, James McClellan
Dr. Hamilton was the first principal at Msla High School. Superintent of Schools in Msla - 1889 to 1901, and a teacher. He likely taught Jeanette Rankin. History professor at U. of Mt. in Missoula until 1903 - president of Montana State College at Bozeman 1904 - 1919 - Dean of Men until his death in 1940
133   Link   The Journals and Letters of Major John Owen - Vol 1 (1927). Dunbar, Seymour and Phillips, Paul C.
"Owen calls the Clark's Fork above its junction above the Flathead the 'Missoula.' This is a very early use of the name, which was little used before 1864." (p 64)
134   Link   Missoula's Name - article from Frontier - May, 1922
Appears in 'Montana Place Names' by Helen MacGregor
135   Link   Cataclysms on the Columbia: The Great Missoula Floods (2009). Allen, John E., Burns, Margorie and Scott
136   Link   Glacial Lake Missoula
137   Link   Heart of Missoula Murals
138   Link   History of Troop F, Third United States Volunteer Cavalry - Chapter 22, Grigsby's Cowboys - Third United States Volunteer Cavalry, Spanish American War (1900). Sues, Otto L.
139   Link   The Value of a Neighborhood School: The Story of Paxson Elementary, Missoula, Montana (2010). Erickson, Tina Karin
Masters Thesis - The University of Montana
140   Link   Two Rivers History - website
Community history along the Blackfoot and Clark Fork Rivers.
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