Old Missoula

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Sec. A Page 15 Missoulian Centennial Garden City Floral

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Garden City Floral Co.

1910 – 1960

50 Years of Progress

Our Golden Anniversary

The Garden City Floral Company was founded in 1910 by James K. Caras and Samuel K. Caras, brothers. James K. Caras came to the United States from Greece in 1905 and his brother, Samuel, joined him in Missoula in 1909. In 1915 the acquired the greenhouses at their present site, 2800 South Third West.

Mr. Edward J. Webber, Vice President and Superintendent of Greenhouses, joined the firm in 1921. Mr. Edward J. Webber is considered one of the finest Growers in the United States.

Following in their fathers footsteps are James S. Caras and George D. Caras, sons of James K. Caras, and E. e. Webber, son of Edward J. Webber.