Old Missoula

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Sec A Page 4 Missoulian Centennial Caption of Photo 48 Missoula Faces

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Caption of Photo Page 4 Sec A

Early Day Missoulians

These were some of the early day residents of Missoula. Many of their names appear on buildings and streets. Of the 48 faces visible, only 32 are identifiable, some only by first or last name. Identified are; 2, Jake Reinhard; 3, Capt. C. P. Higgins; 4, Emma C. Dickinson; 5, Mary Lent; 6, Lula Catlin; 8, John Urlin; 9, Philamene; 13, William Kennedy; 14, Chapman; 17, John Rankin; 19, Ethel Weedon; 20, Baron Cornelius C. O’Keefe; 23, Mrs. Heinke; 24, Mrs. McNamara; 26, LaMaize; 27, Lulu Childs; 28, Hank Meyers; 29, Alvin Lent; 30, W. H. H. Dickinson; 36, J. P. Reinhard; 33, Mrs. Milloy; 34, Cain Mahoney; 38, Mrs. Richard Eddy; 41, Mrs. J. P. Reinhard; 42, infant of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Welch; 43, Jake Leiser, directly below 45, W. L. Bonner; 45, Mrs. E. L Bonner; 47, Mrs. Leiser; 48, Mrs. A. B. Hammoned. (Courtesy of W. O. Dickinson)

Strangely, Frank Woody is not identified. He likely appears on the bottom of the photo.below # 30.

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