Old Missoula

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Sec A Page 2 Missoulian Centennial Captions of 2 Photos

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Captions of 2 Photos on Page 2 Sec A

Brick and Stone Used in 1871 Project

This one-story building constructed in 1871 is believed to be the first brick and stone structure in Missoula. It was called the Brick Block and was built in the 100 block on West Main near the northwest corner of the Higgins avenue – main street intersection where the Montgomery Ward & Co. store now stands. (Photo courtesy of Missoula Mercantile Co.)

The corner room was occupied by Worden and Co., which about six years earlier had founded the first store in Missoula, moving the business from Hell Gate. The other two spaces in the building were occupied by the J. P. Reinhard hardware store and the A. H. Ross drugstore.

A stone warehouse, used to store flour, was constructed about the same time about where Bank street joins Higgins avenue at the north end of the bridge. This was the property of Worden & Co.

It is reported the first all-brick building was placed at the southeast corner of Main and Adams streets in 1871 by the school district, which used it for about 10 years. Since then it has been used as a dwelling until remodeled into doctor’s offices.

[A later photo of this building available at the Montana Memory Project shows a large sign directly under the Worden & Co. sign which says Missoula National Bank – date of that photo unknown.] http://mtmemory.org/cdm/ref/collection/p16013coll27/id/584

[This bank printed its own currency over the years – see link below:] http://www.antiquemoney.com/national-bank-notes/montana/old-money-from-the-missoula-national-bank-of-missoula-2106/


Robert A. Pelkey, father of the first white child born in Montana, was the first assessor of Missoula County and also sheriff in the early days of Missoula. (Courtesy of A. W. Pelkey)

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