Old Missoula

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'Big Fish' at mouth of Rattlesnake - 1897

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Real, Pure, Undeniable Facts Related by Fishermen.

Missoula, June 15. – The fishing record for Western Montana has been rudely and severely broken this week by local Waltonites, who have brought in catches that eclipse all previous exhibitions that have been made here. The good work started on Sunday, when P. Z. Prince landed two trout that weighed together 19 ½ pounds. Alderman John McBride came back from Lou Lou Sunday night with a catch that was a hummer. The fish were not as large as those of Mr. Prince, but there was a lot of them. The total catch was in the neighborhood of 40 pounds. Some of the fish dressed at three-quarters of a pound, and all of them were prime in quality. Mr. McBride was thoughtful of his friends and the Standard office force had trout for breakfast Monday morning that were all right. Yesterday was not such a good day for the fly casters, but they did some good work just the same. To-day however, was a honey and the fish have risen at all the flies cast upon their waters till the fishermen have had all the sport they want. One big trout was hooked at the mouth of the Rattlesnake this morning that weighed 12 pounds.

In the Bitter Root the waters of the streams are in fine condition and those who have been up the valley report excellent sport. There is one good feature about the fish stories of this section this year. They are nearly all accompanied by the necessary evidence to establish their truth and no one can doubt that they are all right.

The article above appeared in The Anaconda Standard, June 16, 1897 – p. 10

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