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Golden Sixties for Lumber Business - Missoulian Sentinel Centennial Edition 1960

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Lumber Business Looking to ‘Golden Sixties’

This lumber plant, typical of those found in the Garden City area, has participated with others in the most spectacular decade of expansion and improvement this important industry has experienced in its long history.

All phases of the western Montana industry have been modernized and made more efficient with millions of dollars expended on new buildings, machinery and other facilities.

Although the 1950-1960 period has seen the greatest increase in production in western Montana’s history, even greater goals have been set by the lumber industry in what it has tabbed as the “Golden 60s.”

Plants in the Missoula area taking part in this great production record include those of the Anaconda Co. Lumber Department at Bonner, Intermountain Lumber Co., White Pine Sash Co., Elk Horn Lumber Co., L. A. Hamilton Lumber Co., Rothers Inc. and Mount Lolo Lumber Co.

To show how this major part of Montana’s economy has grown in recent years, employment figures show 4,900 were working for lumber firms in 1949 in Montana as compared with 7,200 for fiscal 1959.

Nationally from 1947 to 1958 the lumber industry increased its softwoods output 13 per cent. This compares with Montana’s increase of 85 per cent in lumber production. In the early postwar days Montana produced about two per cent of the total national softwood. In recent years its proportion has risen to three per cent.

This increase was achieved in spite of the discriminatory freight rates and with a smaller percentage of the industry’s output going to metal producers in the state.


[This article is the caption for a large aerial photo of an unidentified lumber mill somewhere in Missoula. A guess would be it is either Intermountain Lumber or Anaconda/Bonner since it appears to be adjacent to a river. Haugen-McKay Photo]

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