Old Missoula

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'Black Jack' Pershing's Missoula Parade 1896 / Escorting Cree Indians to Canada

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The Missoulian Sentinel Centennial edition of 1960 featured the article below:


Early Risers Greeted by Odd Parade

Early morning risers in Missoula on July 22, 1896, saw one of the longest and most unusual processions to pass through the Garden City.

In it were about 200 Cree Indians, under guard of soldiers, being escorted back to their Canadian homes. Leading the parade were Lts. Perching* and Flemming, followed by four six-mule government wagons containing rations, both for the soldiers and the Indians, also the tents and camp outfits of the soldiers.

Chicken Hawk Follows

Next came Chief Chicken Hawk and the tribe members, wagons, buggies, travois, and vehicles of many descriptions carrying them and their effects. Quite a number of bucks, [Indian women] and papooses were mounted on ponies, the [Indian women] riding straddle just like the men. Then followed about 500 head of Indian ponies guided by a number of bucks, and a detail of soldiers brought up the rear.

At Garrison they were met by Indian scouts who had another 140 Indians under guard. From there they went through Garrison and into Canada.

Kept Under Guard

The Indians were kept at Ft. Missoula under guard about two weeks before being moved out. Many residents of the city went to the post to visit the Indians during that period, being entertained by several musicians in the tribe. One [Indian woman], a graduate of the Indian school at Carlisle, Pa., was said to have performed with great skill on the guitar, zither, and accordion.

*This was a misspelling. Lt. Pershing was part of the roundup of Cree Indians. See link below:


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