Old Missoula

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Sec A Page 2 Missoulian Centennial Blacksmith Essential Man in City's Early Years

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Blacksmith Essential Man In City’s Early Years

An Important business in any community of the 1860’s and 1870’s was the blacksmith. Missoula’s first enterprise of this nature was established in the 100 block of West Front street by Chris Marten. Joseph Deschamps took over from Marten and operated the shop for many years.

Next door to the east of the blacksmith shop was the first livery stable, a log barn owned by Charles Hayden, who sold out to Alvin Lent and James Osborne. Osborne received a broken leg in the summer of 1874 when the barn collapsed during a severe wind and rain storm, pinning him and several horses beneath. One or two of the horses had to be killed because of their injuries, it was reported.

Also on Front street was the first butcher shop, and the first brewery was operated on West Front street about where the John R. Daily Inc. office is now.

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