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Sec A Page 1 A Missoulian, July 27, 1960 - Largest Edition Ever Printed In Montana - 178 pages of History

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Largest Edition Ever Printed In Montana


History Goes Back To Hell Gate

It is with the utmost delight and keenest satisfaction that the Daily Missoulian and Missoula Sentinel of this date place the gigantic Centennial Edition before the community and world in general for the perusal of all.

Unfolded within its 178 pages of pictures and stories is the colorful and dramatic history of 100 years of growth of the Garden City from a handful of hardy pioneering individuals at Hell Gate to the thriving, busy city of today.

It is without fear of successful contradiction that we boast this to be the largest single newspaper edition, including the news portion, that has ever been fed through a press in the Treasure State.

We are extremely grateful to the good citizenry of Missoula and western Montana for their willing and overwhelming cooperation in helping to supply the many hundreds of photographs and stories necessary to put together a document of this size. It has been eight months in the preparation.

Because they lived here during the early years of the city’s existence and were particularly interested in its history, we have leaned heavily on the writings of Frank H. Woody, who arrived at the start of Hell Gate, and Will Cave, who was reared in Missoula and spent all but a few years of his life here. The bound volumes of our papers have provided a week-by-week or daily record of events going back to the early days.

The primary purpose of this special edition is to show how this Garden City has grown and what has made it grow through its 100 years going back to the start of the little community of Hell Gate.

May the next 100 years be as kind to our fair city as the 10 wonderful decades now coming to a close.

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